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Question: What’s better than a beautiful spring day in Philly?

Answer: A beautiful spring day in Philly with a SURPRISE* proposal!

*Well, not a surprise for me who photographed it, or Mike who proposed, or Lauren and Donnie who stalked from across the way, BUT definitely a surprise for Alex!

Guys, how cute are Alex + Mike  here?! Staring at her ring all ICANTBELIEVETHIS and he’s all IDIDGOOD.

Random passers-by who congratulate you with woo-woos are the best. I appreciate you.

These adorable folks (Alex’s brother, Donnie and his fiancé Lauren) were watching from across the way and came over to celebrate! Getting engaged is the best, celebrating with the people you love is like the cherry on top.


Alex + Mike – sending you guys so much love! Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!! xo, Lauren



Friends, meet Radhika + Steven – the sweetest, most adorable couple with the most laid back attitudes. I couldn’t have had more which  fun with them at their engagement session last week! First, they took me to the place they had their first date – The Way Station. The Way Station was so cool + they were so nice to let us take a few photographs indoors. Radhika + Steven enjoyed a drink, while I got to document just how darn cute they are!

After that, we headed to a few of their favorite pop-up murals. They are now professional vogue-ers.

Seriously, how cute are they?!

Brooklyn Public Library for the win!


I’m a little obsessed with that portrait on the left.

YES! We had so much fun. It was so cold + you’d never know it because these guys were champs.


Radhika + Steven – I can’t WAIT for your wedding day! I had so much fun hanging out, taking some awesome photos and getting to know you two. You guys are the best! xo, Lauren



Today’s wedding miiiiiiiiiight be the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding. And that’s not just because Jess + John are amazing + awesome + so, so sweet. Nope, it was because Jess + John were so excited to get married and they truly, TRULY celebrated all day long. There was no feeling of “let’s get to the next thing”, just 100% in-the-moment moments. It made my job easy + fun.

First up, some sweet deets.

Friends, say hello to Jess!!

Upstairs, John was getting ready..

The best, most ridiculous champagne pop ever.

Jess’s dad had a bottle of moonshine that he attached a go-pro to. Here’s Jess singing into it before taking a gulp.

Mamas + their babies, y’all.

The light in the Brandywine Manor House barn is out of this worlddddddd.

Their baby, Chesney, brought the rings.

John + the boys..

Find yourself a friend who will pose with bacon wrapped scallops on your wedding day.

These guys were the MOST FUN EVER!

Miss Chesney came over for a few shots.


Introducing the new Mr. + Mrs. Lavelle!

Just casually rocking out with your grandparents.

I love this photo so much. They’re both clearly like “look at her! What are we going to do with her?!” and she’s like “whatever, ya’ll. I’m dannnccciiinnngggggg”

Jess and her dad had the most epic dance. It was amazing.


Jess + John – I can’t begin to thank you enough. You guys are the absolute best + it was SUCH an honor to be able to preserve your beautiful wedding day. Thank you for inviting me into your story, and for being some of my favorite humans. xoxo, Lauren



Kelly + Justin’s wedding was a WINDYYYY ONE! These two had the most laid back, easy going wedding and it was such a pleasure to be there to document it. My clients really are the best – because whether their day is totally chaotic or completely effortless, there is one thing they all have in common – THEY ARE AWESOME. Sweet, loving, caring, AWESOME people. And Kelly + Justin were just that.


First up, some deets.

GUYS! Look at these awesome flower bracelets that A Garden Party Florist made for Kelly + Justin’s wedding! Instead of corsages, their moms got these!

First look feelzzzzz.

We were legit outside for 2 minutes and that included the first look + these portraits. These guys rocked those two minutes and we got these gorgeous portraits!


The veil flew up the whole ceremony, which was my favorite thing ever.


Introducing the new Mr. + Mrs.

Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrrrr….


Kelly + Justin – thank you so much for allowing me to capture your perfect wedding day! You guys are the BEST! I wish you so much love + luck! xo, Lauren


riverside, nj

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Lauren, Donnie + their beautiful pups are on the blog today! I met up with these four on the windiest/coldest day, but you’d never know it! They rocked this session and we had such a great time making some beautiful images. Check them out below:


Lauren + Donnie are getting married at Normandy Farm, so this was the perfect rustic backdrop for their rustic wedding.





My favorites are always the silly ones.


Lauren + Donnie, thank you so much for trusting me! You guys are so amazing, I had the best time, and I can’t WAIT until your wedding! xo, Lauren