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What’s better than one baby?! Obviously TWO babies!

Bringing you guys the sweetest little family session with four of my favorite people.

Meet the Spragues.


This is Claire + her mama Crystal. I photographed these guys the day they were born, and I will be forever tied to both them and their parents.


This little love is Isla. And that’s Gary. He’s the best guy and the best dad.

new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-3 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-15

Is there anything better than when those arms wrap around you?!


These two gave me a run for my money, but MAN were they cute doing it!

new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-17 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-16 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-9 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-7

Cutest family ever!

new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-8 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-5 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-14 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-6

Above + below – their mama makes them laugh.

new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-4 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-18 new-jersey-family-photographer-moorestown-11

Ending on a personal fave! Love this shot!



Crystal, Gary, Claire + Isla – thank you guys for trusting me to photograph your beautiful family. I adore you guys and loved our time together! xo, Lauren


It’s the week of other photographers asking me to capture their families and MAN, can we say anxiety?! Sara is a great family photographer in our area and when she asked me to photograph HER family, I was thrilled (plus a little nervous). But these guys couldn’t have been sweeter.

I got to spend the day capturing all the love they have for each other!

Aren’t they adorable?! Sara is a style goddess.

south-jersey-family-photographer-1 south-jersey-family-photographer-15

Little Leo is just starting to balance himself, and when he tipped over Joey couldn’t stop laughing.

south-jersey-family-photographer-12 south-jersey-family-photographer-2

Nothing says ‘boy mom’ like a car riding up and down your face! Sara takes in all in stride.

south-jersey-family-photographer-16 south-jersey-family-photographer-3

Love this shot of Sara and her boys.

south-jersey-family-photographer-4 south-jersey-family-photographer-5 south-jersey-family-photographer-6 south-jersey-family-photographer-9

I can’t stop laughing at Leo’s very concerned look.

south-jersey-family-photographer-8 south-jersey-family-photographer-14


Cutest little family!

south-jersey-family-photographer-7 south-jersey-family-photographer-10



A faveeee!



Sara, Joe, Joey + Leo – thanks so much for letting me capture your beautiful family during this fleeting time. I had such a great day with you guys and loved capturing your memories. xo, Lauren


GUYS. Wanna know what’s more nerve wracking than a photo session? And more nerve wracking than a photo session with one of your good friends?

ANSWER: A photo session with one of your good friends who also happens to be a BOMB wedding photographer.  Seeeeeeeee what I mean.


But even though I had ALL.THE.NERVES. these guys couldn’t have made my job easier OR more enjoyable. Cause the only thing better than photographing cute families is photographing your friends’ cute families.


This little lady is our dear sweet Addie. She’s curious, easy to smile, but also gives you that beautiful serious face..

philadelphia-family-photographer-2 in point on the right.


That dog that looks like he’s totally over it? That’s Colby Jack. Yes, Alison and Kealan DID name their dog after cheese. Yes, they are my people.


I never write between every photograph, but I’ve basically just done that so let’s see if I can keep it going.


Addie decided she needed a break from our shenanigans so I started photographing the Mrs. + Mr.


And then she just was all casual like “yeah, you can take photos of me again, but NOT with them. I’m my own person”


Try to tell me Addie doesn’t know who is boss.

philadelphia-family-photographer-7 philadelphia-family-photographer-9 philadelphia-family-photographer-8

I gave up on talking between every photo, but I’m back! Cutest family!

philadelphia-family-photographer-12 philadelphia-family-photographer-11

Look up JOY in the dictionary. You will see this photo.

philadelphia-family-photographer-13 philadelphia-family-photographer-15

When babies don’t cooperate, sometimes we give them sticks. Don’t judge.

philadelphia-family-photographer-14 philadelphia-family-photographer-18 philadelphia-family-photographer-16 philadelphia-family-photographer-19 philadelphia-family-photographer-10

Ending on a faveeeeeee.



Alison, Kealan, Addie + Colby – thank you guys for trusting me to capture your gorgeous family! You da best. xo, Lauren


If you’ve never been to Pound Ridge, NY then just stop what you’re doing and go there RIGHT.NOW. It is incredibly adorable, quaint, and (bonus!) it’s full of lovely people like Kassie + Doug!

Meet Kassie – she’s amazing.

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-1 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-2

Why do I love this shot so much? Well, growing up I always remember my mom brushing my hair (usually followed by lots of me yelling that it hurt and her spraying stuff so I wouldn’t cry).. Now I brush my own daughter’s hair and those same fights happen and I now know the pain of being on the other side of that brush. In this photograph we have little Eleanor, her mama trying to wrangle her hair, and then her mama’s mama trying to help her. I can just reach out and feel and the generations of hair brushing and hair pulling and tears and wiggling and, and..

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-4 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-3 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-6 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-7

This is Doug – he is the third cutest person in this photo. (Sorry Doug, you had some tough competition)

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-8 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-5 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-9

We did a few portraits around Doug’s parent’s incredible house.

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-10 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-12 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-30

Ketubah signing!

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-13 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-15 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-16 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-17


conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-19 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-18

Kassie + Doug’s wedding was a super laid back, family style dinner full of all their favorite people. Their wedding was exactly like the two of them.

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-20 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-21 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-22

My favorite part of every wedding, the speeches. Doug’s dad had the sweetest speech!

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-23 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-28 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-26 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-25 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-27

Those little moments that make my heart flutter..

conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-24 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-14 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-29 conant-hall-pound-ridge-new-york-wedding-11


Kassie + Doug – thank you so much for letting me capture your beautiful day. You guys are just the best and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day with more perfect people! xo, Lauren


I met Sarah when I shot her friend Maggie’s wedding a few years ago. She had the BEST energy, and so I was so happy when she contacted me to photograph her own wedding. I arrived to her a house on a gorgeous October day and everything couldn’t have gone better.

Here’s Sarah – isn’t she the cutest?!

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-5 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-3

Sarah’s details were ON POINT.

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-1 artesano-gallery-wedding-1

Hiiiiiiiiiii George!

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-2 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-4 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-7

Phoebe, Sarah’s flower girl, was the absolute cutest all day long!

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-6 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-8 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-9

This might be my favorite first look moment ever. The anticipation of Sarah’s dad, the movement of her dress paired with the excitement on her face, and little Phoebe in the corner taking it all in..

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-10 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-42 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-13 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-12


artesano-gallery-wedding artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-11

Those mama moments are my favorite..

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-41 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-14

I love when brides have their parents walk them down..

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-15 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-16 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-17 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-20


artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-18 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-19

Best looking bridal party this side of the Delaware

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-21 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-23 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-22

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Mayer!

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-25 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-26 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-24 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-27 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-28 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-29

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-30Annnddddd now we party!! (it’s a good one, folks)

artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-33 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-32 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-36 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-38 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-37 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-35 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-39 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-40 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-34 artesano-gallery-manayunk-philadelphia-wedding-31


Sarah + George, thank you both so much for allowing me to capture your gorgeous wedding day. I loved every moment, and I just adore you guys! xo, Lauren