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lounsbury house, ridgefield ct wedding // jane + jason

A snowy winter wedding?! YES, PLEASE! Jane + Jason’s gorgeous Lounsbury House wedding will make you allllll kindddssss of jealous. But, don’t take my word for it.. see for yourself…

Jane + Jason’s details were so perfect, but THOSE RINGS. Let’s just gawk at those rings for a minute, shall we?

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-7 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-6 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-3

Best reaction from the best bridesmaids! Can you blame them though? Jane is a stunner.


Meanwhile, down the hall.. Hiiiii Jason!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-5 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-4 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-10

Jane’s mama was so emotional all day and it totally gave me ALL.THE.FEELS.


They did their first look outside on the porch in like 20 degree weather, and that’s when I knew that Jane was my girl.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-11 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-2


lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-13 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-15

The girls rallied so hard for their bride, and I rewarded them by only keeping them outside for like 5 minutes.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-14 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-12

The DiFabbio girls!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-16 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-17

One of the things I love about Jewish ceremonies is the Bedeken and Ketubah signing before the traditional ceremony. It’s a moment when just their closest family and friends are there, and when they are officially husband and wife. It’s so beautiful and intimate.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-18 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-19

My second shooter Hendrick caught this money shot!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-20 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-21 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-22 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-24 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-23

I love this moment between them so much.



After the ceremony, we headed outside for a few more bride/groom portraits and they were such champs.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-28 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-30 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-27 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-31

MY FAVORITEEEEEEE. That little toe kick?! Jane, YOU ARE SO CUTE.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-29 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-32 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-33

Jane + Jason’s nearest + dearest gave some pretty beautiful speeches.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-34 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-38 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-36 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-35 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-37

And then right after that they opened the dance floor with the hora..


..and they hoisted the new Mrs. Feder up..


..and then they all danced around her

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-42 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-43

After that, they partied all night..

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-48 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-45 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-46 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-49 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-44 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-50 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-52 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-47 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-51

..and we ended the night with a few night portraits in the Lounsbury entryway.



Jane + Jason – thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful, intimate, emotional wedding day. I am so glad to know you guys. Jane, we’re basically BFFs now, okay? Sending you guys so much love! xo, Lauren


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