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historic smithville inn wedding, galloway new jersey // mana + jay

Prettiest little wedding coming atcha on this rainy (Philly area!) Tuesday..

Amanda + Jason (but really, Mana + Jay… or if you’re me, you just call him Justin all day) and their gorgeous Smithville Inn wedding are here! There aren’t enough words to describe all the love + the beauty + the awesome, amazing party, so I’m just gonna let my photos do the talkin’.. first up, DETAILS!


Seriously, how great are they?

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-3 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-55
Across the road, the boys were getting ready..


Hey look! It’s Jay + Justin (his brother, my classmate PHS c/o ’02 – holler!)


Bridesmaid first looks are seriously the best.

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-44 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-6 moirai

First look success!

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-7 moirai2 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-8

And the cutest little flower girl that ever was!

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-10 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-9 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-11

Look at that awesome bridal party! Like, could they be anymore PERFECT?! (on the end there… all the way to the left? That’s Sara + Sean whose wedding I photographed this June! Love spending the day with all my favorite brides + grooms)

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-50 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-12 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-14 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-49 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-16


Those walks down the aisle are always my favorite..

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-17 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-18 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-21 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-20 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-22The wind and I are sometimes BFFS

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-19 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-24

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A HAPPIER WALK DOWN THE AISLE? historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-23

After the ceremony, we did a few more portraits in the yummy golden light..


historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-47 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-25 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-26

Those crazy Lewis kids!


I always knew Mana + Jay were my people, but I really knew it when they got introduced to C&C Music Factory’s “Gonna Make You Sweat” – couldn’t have been more perfect!

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-27 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-28


historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-29 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-30 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-31

Party time!

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-46 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-32 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-33 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-34 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-36 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-43 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-40 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-35 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-41

Jay’s grandparents won the Anniversary Dance!

historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-38 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-42 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-39 historic-smithville-inn-wedding-galloway-new-jersey-37


Mana + Jay – are there even words?! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I had the best day ever capturing your incredible love story. You two were made for each other, and I’m so glad I got to be a part of this chapter of your lives. xo, Lauren

  • September 19, 2017 - 9:33 pm

    Kathy O'Keefe - GREAT photos. Looks like a blast was had by all. Congratulations to the happy couple!!ReplyCancel

  • September 19, 2017 - 11:39 pm

    Helene Lilholt - Those were wonderful photos. I wasn’t at the wedding but they are friends of my son so I know them well and you captured them and all their friends perfectly on their special day.ReplyCancel

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