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catskills new york wedding // therese + mark

Roller derby chick meets handsome farm boy – seriously this wedding is one for the books, folks!

When Therese asked me to photograph her wedding, I was BLOWN AWAY and so incredibly HONORED! Therese and I went to college together and we studied photography together. Having anyone ask me to photograph their wedding is incredible, but having another photographer ask me to shoot their wedding is like next level. I won’t lie, I was a little nervous – did I mention that two of the bridesmaids were also photographers? – but everything couldn’t have been more easy going and Therese + Mark couldn’t have trusted me any more.

So without further ado..

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-3 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-5

Friends, meet Therese. She is SO great.


Funny story – one of her bridesmaids was helping her into her dress, ran off to look for scissors and Therese was like “eh, I’ll just do this myself”. I quick turned and grabbed this shot. My brides are pretty awesome.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-4 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-6 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-7

First look!


What’s that Mark? You don’t enjoy red lips?

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-9 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-10 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-11

Therese made those dope bouquets – SO GOOD.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-13 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-51


catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-14 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-15 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-16

Posing these guys was SO easy. They were in their own little world.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-17 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-18

Bridal party goals, amirite?

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-12 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-19

Just before the ceremony started, a small little storm cloud rolled in. It drizzled for most of the ceremony, but considering they were calling for heavy rain I’d say we got lucky!

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-20 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-22 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-23

Therese, you are full of JOY.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-24 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-25 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-21

Those small moments throughout a ceremony are my favorite. Mark, sneaking a glance at Therese as she puts his wedding band on.



catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-26 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-28

Ain’t no gal/guy like a roller derby gal/guy!

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-29 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-30

I seriously have the most amazing clients.




Reception time! Seriously, can everyone do an arch? It’s SO MUCH FUN.


catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-33 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-35

Speeches. They get me every time.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-34 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-36

And now my friends, we party!

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-38 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-39 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-42

Being married is amazing. Therese, expect this from Mark in a few years.

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-44 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-40 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-43 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-50

These little girls kiiilllllleeedd the dance floor

catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-46 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-47 catskills-wedding-new-york-photographer-48


Therese + Mark, thank you both so much for sharing your beautiful wedding day with me. You two are amazing, and your wedding day was as fun, sweet, and awesome as you guys! SO MUCH LOVE TO YA! xo, Lauren