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I started my 2018 wedding season with the most gorgeous winter wedding at Addison Park! Lindsay, Sam and all their family and friends couldn’t have been any more lovely, welcoming or FUN. And even though it was freezing, NO ONE complained. Not even once. Not even sweet little Camryn who I made go out into the cold in a short dress!

I met Lindsay + Sam through another one of my favorite couples, Tara + Zac. Lindsay and Sam said my most favorite sentence that always makes me laugh – “We take terrible photos”. CLEARLY THEY WERE WRONG, CAUSE JUST LOOK GUYS.

First up, detailsssssssss..

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-9 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-10 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-7

Hiiiiiiiiii Sam!

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-8

That’s Lindsay + Camryn, her niece. Aren’t they just the sweetestttttt?

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-42 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-5

Oh, Lindsay. GIRL.

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-6 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-39


new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-11 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-14

Quite possibly one of my favorite bridal party photos ever. (ALSO MAYBE SOME OF MY FAVORITE BRIDESMAIDS)

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-12 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-13 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-4 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-15

Lindsay + Sam’s details were SO GOOD.

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-3 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-21

Marriage time!

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-17 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-16 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-18 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-19


new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-40 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-41 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-22

Reception events are some of my favorite parts of the wedding day. But especially speeches.

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-2 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-23 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-20

And then they danced! All.night.long.

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-24 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-29 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-36

My assistant, Giullianna caught this sweet moment..

new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-25 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-26 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-34 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-27 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-33 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-35 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-37


new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-31 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-30 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-32 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-28 new-jersey-winter-wedding-addison-park-40

Lindsay + Sam – thank you so much for inviting me into your story, and allowing me to document the start of your lives together. You guys are some of the best. xo, Lauren


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Oh, these guys.

I’ve been a part of their most intimate moments during the births of their little girls, and so getting to photograph their beautiful wedding was incredibly special. They wed on the coldest day of the year (SERIOUSLY) on NYE at their home. A home that Albe completely gutted and redid (he’s a contractor, so he’s good at that stuff), a home where they brought their babies into the world. So it was only fitting that they continue the wonderful memories at this special place..


Teresa’s details were magnificent. Everything was hand made by her, including all the girls’ bouquets!

south-jersey-new-years-ever-wedding south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-4

This is Teresa – she’s so much fun..


..and so dang gorgeous.

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-8 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-6 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-9

Teresa walked down the aisle (aka their beautiful porch that Albe hand built justttt for this wedding)..

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-10 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-12 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-11

Cheers to the new Mr. & Mrs.!



The Minnix Family!


Teresa texted me all “the guys are wearing ugly Christmas sweater tuxes. Yes, I’m serious. Yes, I’m cool with it”. COULD MY CLIENTS GET ANY COOLER?!?!

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-46 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-38

Speeches!! I know I’ve said it before, but they really are one of my favorite parts of the wedding day.

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-19 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-18 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-37

And then they partied some..

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-23 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-22 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-32 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-20 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-33 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-21 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-24

Teresa’s mama made that beautiful cake, and it tasted BETTER than it looks which is obviously saying a lot because it’s GORGEOUS.

south-jersey-new-years-ever-wedding-2 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-25

Teresa + Albe’s guest book was a bunch of ornaments that people signed. This one particularly made me chuckle..


The only shot of hers that was a MUST HAVE was of her feeding Marcy in her dress.


Mamas + their babies ALERT!!

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-16 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-45

AND THIS MOMENT. That gorgeous lady in the middle is Heather, Teresa’s midwife. She was there to help bring both of their babies into this world, and so when they were thinking about who they were going to have marry them they thought “there is no one we trust more, or who has been more a part of our intimate story than Heather”. So Heather married them!! Anyway, THIS MOMENT. I was taking a few photos of them, and then I said “okay, get close and hug” and they started to do this group huddle thing before they all exclaimed “WAIT! WE NEED YOU TOO! YOU’RE A PART OF THIS!” And then I jumped in and hugged my squad.

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-35 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-26 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-27

After a few portraits, we headed back to the tent for some New Year celebrations..

south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-29 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-40 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-31 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-34 south-jersey-new-years-eve-wedding-28

Ain’t nothin’ like a New Years kiss from the one you love..



Teresa + Albe – SO much love for you guys, but you already knew that. Sending you so much love, luck and happiness. xo, Lauren


It’s snowy today in little old New Jersey and I am trying SO hard not to eat everything in sight (resolutions, and such) while we’re all snowed in. So instead I’m trying to distract myself with books, podcasts, and this adorable family! It’s a good reminder of how WARM it was inside this luscious greenhouse. It was great for a December day, but lemme tell you my glasses would NOT stop fogging up! Thank god for autofocus!

Meet the Kaplans! I’ve photographed them a bunch of times, and every time jusssstttt gets better!



Lauren + Mike are expecting their second child soon and they wanted a few family photographs to remember this time. Miles looooooooves his baby brother already!

authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-6 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-5



Aren’t they just adorable?

authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-17 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-2

Lauren is a goddess and is the cutest prego mama around!

authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-4 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-8 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-9


authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-10 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-11

That shot on the left?! THE WAY HE LOOKS AT HERRRRRR

authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-15 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-14 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-13

Oh, Miles. You are just toooo sweet.

authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-12 authentic-new-jersey-maternity-photographer-7

Lauren, Mike + Miles – thank you guys so much for trusting me (AGAIN!) to document this time in your lives. I absolutely adore you guys and I can’t wait to photograph your family of FOUR! xo, Lauren


Meet Jessica + John – two adorable lovebirds who are as sweet as they are funny.


I met up with these guys + their adorable pup (Chesney) in the city and we traipsed around. And man was it COLD. But these guys were such troopers, you’d never know it!


Everyone wants to take home Chesney now, right? Not only is she the cutest, but she’s the SWEETEST.

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-1 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-4

I’m obsessed with you two, just thought you should know.

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-3 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-7

The way he looks at herrrrrrrrr – oh my heart!

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-8 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-9 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-6

I love everything about this picture. His “look what I did” grin, her hysterical laugh. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-11 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-13 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-10

By this time, Chesney had had enough. She was like “I didn’t sign up for this guys”

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-12 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-5

We ended our little city trip with a stop at Franklin Fountain where they ended their first date. If you haven’t been to Franklin Fountain, you definitely should head there to get yourself some delicious ice cream. And they’ve even got vegan ice cream if that’s your thing, or if you’re lactose intolerant like me!

authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-14 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-15 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-16 authentic-fun-philadelphia-engagement-photographer-18


Jess + John, I had THE BEST time with you guys. Thanks so much for hanging out with me, being up for all my crazy ideas, and not complaining ONCE, not even ONCE. I adore you guys and I can’t wait until your wedding next year! xo, Lauren


A snowy winter wedding?! YES, PLEASE! Jane + Jason’s gorgeous Lounsbury House wedding will make you allllll kindddssss of jealous. But, don’t take my word for it.. see for yourself…

Jane + Jason’s details were so perfect, but THOSE RINGS. Let’s just gawk at those rings for a minute, shall we?

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-7 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-6 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-3

Best reaction from the best bridesmaids! Can you blame them though? Jane is a stunner.


Meanwhile, down the hall.. Hiiiii Jason!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-5 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-4 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-10

Jane’s mama was so emotional all day and it totally gave me ALL.THE.FEELS.


They did their first look outside on the porch in like 20 degree weather, and that’s when I knew that Jane was my girl.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-11 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-2


lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-13 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-15

The girls rallied so hard for their bride, and I rewarded them by only keeping them outside for like 5 minutes.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-14 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-12

The DiFabbio girls!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-16 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-17

One of the things I love about Jewish ceremonies is the Bedeken and Ketubah signing before the traditional ceremony. It’s a moment when just their closest family and friends are there, and when they are officially husband and wife. It’s so beautiful and intimate.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-18 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-19

My second shooter Hendrick caught this money shot!

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-20 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-21 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-22 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-24 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-23

I love this moment between them so much.



After the ceremony, we headed outside for a few more bride/groom portraits and they were such champs.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-28 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-30 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-27 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-31

MY FAVORITEEEEEEE. That little toe kick?! Jane, YOU ARE SO CUTE.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-29 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-32 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-33

Jane + Jason’s nearest + dearest gave some pretty beautiful speeches.

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-34 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-38 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-36 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-35 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-37

And then right after that they opened the dance floor with the hora..


..and they hoisted the new Mrs. Feder up..


..and then they all danced around her

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-42 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-43

After that, they partied all night..

lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-48 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-45 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-46 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-49 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-44 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-50 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-52 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-47 lounsbury-house-wedding-ridgefield-ct-51

..and we ended the night with a few night portraits in the Lounsbury entryway.



Jane + Jason – thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful, intimate, emotional wedding day. I am so glad to know you guys. Jane, we’re basically BFFs now, okay? Sending you guys so much love! xo, Lauren