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A late November wedding in Philadelphia and the weather was in the 60s! Not that any cold weather would’ve ruined this day, but I’m not gonna say that I minded..

Friends, get ready for the sweetest/most gorgeous fall wedding. First up, Lauren’s sneaks. Did I mention that I LOVE HER?

race-street-pier-wedding-3 race-street-pier-wedding-1 race-street-pier-wedding-2

Hi Lauren! Wanna play a fun game? See how many times you can catch Lauren laughing/smiling? CAUSE IT WAS ALLLLL DAY.

Dailey-blog race-street-pier-wedding-5

Yes, that is a baseball ring.

race-street-pier-wedding-4 race-street-pier-wedding-40

Are they not the cutest?! (p.s. – Hi, Jim!)

race-street-pier-wedding-39 race-street-pier-wedding-6

Lauren’s girls were SO.MUCH.FUN.

race-street-pier-wedding-10 race-street-pier-wedding-7 race-street-pier-wedding-9

And this little guy couldn’t help but steal the show!

race-street-pier-wedding-11 race-street-pier-wedding-12 race-street-pier-wedding-13 race-street-pier-wedding-14 race-street-pier-wedding-41

After we finished up at Race St. Pier, they went and got themselves married!

race-street-pier-wedding-15 race-street-pier-wedding-16 race-street-pier-wedding-17 race-street-pier-wedding-43

For the first time as husband and wife..

race-street-pier-wedding-42 race-street-pier-wedding-19 race-street-pier-wedding-23

Jim, this photo of you and your mama is my FAVORITEEEEE.


Party time, friends!

race-street-pier-wedding-22 race-street-pier-wedding-20 race-street-pier-wedding-25 race-street-pier-wedding-21 race-street-pier-wedding-18

But not before our speeches.. always one of my favorite parts of the day.

race-street-pier-wedding-26 race-street-pier-wedding-27


race-street-pier-wedding-28 race-street-pier-wedding-29 race-street-pier-wedding-30 race-street-pier-wedding-34

Jim is a character..

race-street-pier-wedding-31 race-street-pier-wedding-33 race-street-pier-wedding-36

Multiple people sang into that tie that night.

race-street-pier-wedding-35 race-street-pier-wedding-37 race-street-pier-wedding-38

The cake smash to end all cake smashes..


..he totally forgave her.



Lauren + Jim – thank you so much for allowing me to capture your beautiful wedding day. I had SO.MUCH.FUN. and I’m so glad I was able to preserve these memories for you! xo, Lauren


Friends, meet the Toccos.


This adorable little guy is Mikey. It was hard to control myself and not take him home.


And this smiley dude is Angelo! I have one of these 4 year olds at home, so I was less inclined to take him home.


Yes, I will let your children throw grass at me if it gets them to smile like this..


This photo is completely insane which is why I love it.

moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-6 moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-9


moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-1 moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-12

I couldn’t love these guys any more. They are seriously the sweetest, most adorable family that ever was!

moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-11 moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-5

These guys couldn’t stop smiling. I am pretty funny, if I do say so myself.

moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-13 moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-14

Ain’t nothing like being a boy mom.

moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-7 moorestown-new-jersey-family-photographer-8

Ah, and the two that started it all. Ya’ll are couple GOALS.



Stef, Mike, Angelo + Mikey – I just love you guys. Thanks for trusting me again. xo, Lauren


As is the case with most of my clients, Kelly contacted me based on the recommendation from a friend (which, by the way, I am always SO honored that everyone refers me!). And from the moment we talked it was like I was talking to an old friend. I have a feeling that most people say that about Kelly – that you immediately feel like you know her, that she makes you feel comfortable, that she makes you feel important. Kelly is a LIGHT.

I finally met Ryan on the actual wedding day, and MAN is he such a sweetheart. Nicest-most-easy-going-guy-in-the-world award goes to Ryan! It’s like these guys were just made for each other. And so I was so honored to photograph their little family (yes! They have the most beautiful two year old son EVER) as they finally made it official.

First up, that dress. It was magic.

moorestown-community-house-wedding-1 moorestown-community-house-wedding-2

Kelly was either laughing or crying ALL day. I couldn’t get enough.


My lovely second shooter, Joy, was over with the guys. Hiiiiiiiiiii Ryan!

moorestown-community-house-wedding-6 moorestown-community-house-wedding-8 moorestown-community-house-wedding-10

I’m a sucker for those mama shots.

moorestown-community-house-wedding-11 moorestown-community-house-wedding-45

Kelly is smiling, but also on the verge of tears and oh-my-goodness I love it so!

moorestown-community-house-wedding-5 moorestown-community-house-wedding-7 moorestown-community-house-wedding-9

Yes girl, YES.


Yes, this is the cutest thing you’ll see all year. You’re welcome.

kelly-ryan-4 moorestown-community-house-wedding-13

Bridal party on point.

moorestown-community-house-wedding-12 moorestown-community-house-wedding-15 moorestown-community-house-wedding-14

Kelly getting hugged by her son, Brody is like top ten of moments I’ve captured EVER.

moorestown-community-house-wedding-16 moorestown-community-house-wedding-3

Ceremony time!
walking-down-the-aisle-1 moorestown-community-house-wedding-19 moorestown-community-house-wedding-20 moorestown-community-house-wedding-21 moorestown-community-house-wedding-22 moorestown-community-house-wedding-23 moorestown-community-house-wedding-18 moorestown-community-house-wedding-24


kelly-ryan-1 moorestown-community-house-wedding-25 moorestown-community-house-wedding-26

Seriously, how cute are they?!

moorestown-community-house-wedding-27 moorestown-community-house-wedding-28 moorestown-community-house-wedding-29

And now, my friends, we party!

moorestown-community-house-wedding-34 moorestown-community-house-wedding-30 moorestown-community-house-wedding-32 moorestown-community-house-wedding-35 moorestown-community-house-wedding-36 moorestown-community-house-wedding-33 moorestown-community-house-wedding-37

Brody got up on stage and not only was it the cutest thing ever, but he was LOVING LIFE. He refused to get down!

moorestown-community-house-wedding-38 moorestown-community-house-wedding-39 moorestown-community-house-wedding-41 moorestown-community-house-wedding-40 moorestown-community-house-wedding-42 moorestown-community-house-wedding-31 moorestown-community-house-wedding-43


Congratulations you guys! It was such an honor and blessing to spend your wedding day with you! I’m basically obsessed with your family, so I hope it’s okay that I’ve decided that we’re best friends now! Can’t wait to capture you guys again! xo, Lauren


Sweetest little engagement session comin’ atcha in 5…4…3…2…


Meet Kaitlyn + Eddie. They’re super in love with each other and super in love with my work which makes me SUPER IN LOVE WITH THEM.

new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-16 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-2

They way they look at each other is just FIRE.

new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-20 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-1



new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-8 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-9

Seriously, how cute are they?!

new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-4 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-10

Oh, and they’re fun. Did I mention that?!


Isn’t Kaitlyn GORGEOUS?!

new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-7 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-5


new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-12 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-13 new-jersey-fun-engagement-photographer-15

Ending on a fave, as I always do – love this sweet moment between them.



Kaitlyn + Eddie – I seriously cannot wait to photograph your beautiful wedding day next year! I had so much fun with you guys and I can’t wait to do it again!


Sooooooo, it’s no secret that I love ALL my clients. I get to have the best time with them on some of the happiest days of their lives. Photographing them always feels like I’m the fun Aunt – ya know the one that sneaks you chocolate and talks to you about all your favorite things? That’s me in photographer mode.

But these guys – THESE GUYS – well, I just love them like something else and that’s cause they’re FAMILY. (Seriously though, Brynn is my husband’s cousin). I love watching Brynn share all about these adorable kids on social media and love that I get to capture them every few years. They are sweet, adorable and funny! Especially that little Luca!

Meet the Primaveras.

fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-1 philadelphia-family-photographer

Saige + Michael are the twins, Luca is the hilarious middle child and little Isla is the baby!

fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-2 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-6

Seriously, how much fun are they?!

fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-4 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-9

Oh, Luca

philadelphia-family-photographer-2 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-7 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-10

These guys were totally up for all my antics

fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-14 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-11 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-13

The last time I met Saige she was SO shy. She has totally come out of her shell and I loved capturing one of the things she loves most: gymnastics!

fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-8 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-15 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-16


fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-12 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-3 fun-authentic-philadelphia-family-photographer-5


Thank you guys so much for trusting me once again to capture your perfect family. Love you guys! Can’t wait to see you at Michael + Jill’s wedding! xo, Lauren